Sunday, December 3, 2006

How to Get Rid of Roaches Naturally - Cheap and Fast!

Are you wondering how to get rid of roaches? If you’re like me and you hate dealing with dead bugs, you’ll be thrilled to know that there is a natural solution to roach removal that really does the trick.

I stumbled upon this years ago. It’s a cheap, natural, and immediate answer to your roach problem. And chances are that nobody ever told you about it! That’s because so many companies are out there trying to sell you their expensive and toxic chemicals. But you don’t need any of that to make your roaches go away!

Nobody Wants to Deal with Dead Bugs

If you’re squeamish like me, you don’t want to have to kill roaches. You don’t want to EVER have to clean up dead bugs. (That’s far too gross!)

I found the solution to roaches years ago back when I was a starving college student living in a messy dorm room. College students are NOT good housekeepers, so they always leave their rooms in a mess. All of those papers and piles of dirty clothing lying around INVITE ROACHES to visit. And sure enough, my roommate and I had lots of them. The nasty things showed up every night. YUCK! Did they give me the creeps!

Around this time an older woman I knew told me her secret solution to getting rid of roaches, but I didn’t believe her. She was one of those spacey hippie chicks who thought that killing pests was cruel. I mean, she was the type who would carefully scoop up live wasps into a box and take them outside rather than squoosh them. Wacky, right?

So I didn’t believe her at first when she told me that she had an easy way to permanently get rid of roaches. She swore to me that her solution allowed her to get rid of roaches naturally and inexpensively, without having to deal with dead bugs everywhere.

I thought, “What the heck. I’ll try it.” At that point I was desperate to get rid of the horrible bugs that had taken over our dorm.

I tried her solution and in 24 hours the roaches were gone – and THEY NEVER CAME BACK!

The Natural Roach Solution Works a Second Time

Years later I moved to an apartment in a renovated Victorian building, one of those old houses with lots of history. There was mold in the basement. There were a few mice running around. Those I could stand.

But one night late in my apartment when I saw roaches crawling around, I screamed so loudly that my neighbors across the hall started pounding on my door to see what was the matter. I’m sure they thought I was being attacked by a burglar. But the roaches were even worse!

I was shaking as I tried to explain. “B-b-b-bugs!” I yelled.

By then, of course, the roaches had all escaped back into their hidey holes beneath my floorboards. I was freaking out. I knew they’d be back!

Then I remembered the solution my hippie friend had shared with me years ago, and I knew exactly what to do. The next morning I took care of it. And after that – NO MORE ROACHES! They had disappeared like magic.

It's Easy to Get Rid of Roaches Everywhere You Go

Every place I have lived since then, I have encountered roaches. Sometimes it was a bad infestation. Sometimes it was just a few showing up here and there. Roaches have turned up when I’ve lived in nice new houses and they’ve also shown up in houses over a hundred years old. It seems that wherever people live, roaches always turn up.

But I always remember that secret roach solution that my hippie friend gave me. And right after I put it into use, the roach problem goes away and NEVER COMES BACK!

Better yet, I’ve never had to deal with dead roaches, because this solution doesn’t kill them. This is a natural, inexpensive solution that simply discourages them from coming around. Basically, this solution is like when a landlord evicts a tenant. You’re kicking the roaches out so they don’t come back.

You’ll never have to deal with cleaning up dead bugs. You’ll never have to deal with pesticide smells from using one of those bug foggers that are horribly toxic to people and to their pets. And you don’t have to clean a bunch of sticky, smelly stuff off your floors, either.

You just put this solution in motion, and in a day or so you’ll never have to look at roaches again!

And if you’re like me and you don’t want to deal with cleaning up roach carcasses, this is perfect. Most of us are squeamish about these nasty bugs. We don’t want to look at them, we don’t want to think about them, and we don’t care where they go. We just want them to GO AWAY – TODAY!

The Natural Solution to Getting Rid of Roaches is Revealed Here!

So just what is the secret solution that will send those roaches packing? Hint: It’s commonly found in the kitchen. In fact, it may already be in your cupboards! But if you’re not using it correctly, it won’t fix your roach problem.

You may have seen a BAY LEAF before. Bay leaves are green leaves that when crushed have a pungent, nice smell. That strong smell is from the essential oil within the bay leaf. Bay leaves are not meant to be eaten because they can give you an upset stomach, but the best chefs often toss a couple of bay leaves into the pot when they’re making a nice stew or soup. After they’ve finished cooking their meal they fish the leaves out whole, leaving wonderful traces of the bay leaf flavor in the food.

If you use bay leaves this way in cooking, they are a marvelous gourmet herb. Bay leaves are especially tasty with beef and fish dishes.

What people don’t realize is that there has long been a simple home remedy for getting rid of roaches contained right inside that bay leaf.

If you take one or two bay leaves, crush them slightly to release that strong fragrance of their essential oil, and put these bay leaves inside the corners of your cupboards, tuck them into your floorboards, and put them in the corners of every room, the roaches will run away from your house!

Roaches can’t STAND bay leaves! The best bay leaves of high quality are so strong that you only need one or two in each affected room to clear roaches out of your home FOREVER! And bay leaves will remain strong smelling for months and months, so you only have to refresh them about once a year. Just replace the leaves that have become dried out with fresh ones, remembering to crush them slightly to release that strong essential oil again, and those roaches will still stay away!

Keep Your Animals and Pets Safe

Now, it’s not a good idea to put bay leaves out where your pets can eat them. Bay leaves are toxic to animals when eaten. So be very careful about using bay leaves around your animals. You should be perfectly safe tucking bay leaves inside shelves, drawers, cabinets, and other enclosed spaces where animals don’t go. That way these areas will still be roach free and your animals will remain safe.

You can also take some scotch tape and tape a bay leaf to your floorboards if you can find some cracks where roaches like to sneak through. As long as you put some tape over it so your animals won’t be able to nibble at the bay leaf, you will still have good effects with getting rid of bugs. Any time a roach tries to peek its ugly head out of the floorboards, he’ll react to the essential oil in that bay leaf and run as far away as possible! At the same time, concealing the bay leaf with a bit of tape will keep your pets happy and healthy.

Inexpensive, High Quality Bay Leaves For Sale Online

Now, you may wonder why I have been sharing this amazing roach solution with you! Well, I want to recommend an outstanding company that sells high quality bay leaves – and their prices are incredibly inexpensive. By buying their bay leaves, you’ll know that you’re getting the highest quality bay leaves that are guaranteed to have strong essential oils in the leaves. You need strong oils in the leaves to make the roaches go away!

Buying discount bay leaves at the store won’t work as well because you don’t know what you’re getting. The leaves might be old and dried out if they’ve been sitting on the shelves for a long time. In most grocery stores the herbs and spices have been sitting there for months – even years. That’s not the case with a company like this that specializes in high quality herbs.

This company I’m going to recommend to you sells herbs in different weights and amounts. Bay leaves don’t weigh very much, so you don’t need to buy a lot to do the job.

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And remember – these bay leaves will last you at least six months!

I know what it’s like dealing with roaches. No matter how much you clean and reorganize, picking papers and clothes and boxes up off the floor, they still come around. It seems like once roaches have your address, you’re doomed to having them as your constant companions.

But bay leaves are an amazing home remedy to get rid of roaches. You need some if you want to send those bugs packing forever!

Here’s to your roach free home and your clean, beautiful living space!

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Isn't it time to make those nasty roaches go away?